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View current energy offers for electricity, gas and solar feed-in tariffs.

Just as supermarkets show you unit pricing for each product on the shelf, so do we for a more transparent analysis of your energy bill.
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Keep up the momentum of creating competition in bulk by joining others in checking your current electricity and gas pricing versus other offers.
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Free anonymous search tool protecting your data and only collecting basic details for a retailer if you decide to switch for the transfer.
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How it works...

We look for the best energy deals on the market

Our free search tool gathers all current marketing energy deals available in your area at the time of your search.

You heard right..every electricity and gas retailer in your postcode.

So if you have a favourite in mind you can just choose them or see how others stack up just in case you can get more bang for your buck in discounts.

You don’t even have to tell us your name to scan our offers plus our tool is free and privacy enabled – you escape the hard sell tactics because we just don’t do business like that.

And Present Them To You

See more competitive energy deals and rates on electricity usage, daily supply charges, gas and solar feed-in tariffs than before.

Our tool compares on “watt price” which means it takes into consideration all the discounts you would get and rates applicable to you and calculates them for you.

We don’t allow for Govt. rebates in the tool as they are credited directly by your retailer should you have a concession card. When you switch, you need to check that your new retailer has your Centrelink details to apply the rebate.

Save your time. Save your money. It’s all done in less than 30 seconds and you’ll come out better off.

Join others switching everyday

So we don’t want to pay more than we have to either.

With competition for your dollar creating BIGGER DISCOUNTS and BETTER RATES amongst electricity and gas providers vying for your business, it’s time to FLICK AND SWITCH to get a better deal for exactly the same thing, only cheaper.

Our energy comparison tool is privacy enabled so…No annoying follow-up calls or pressure to switch. Just help to find what you need.

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