When Power Bills Attack...Ouch!!!

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Angela Walters & Robert Whitehead

Founders, Flick and Switch Energy Comparison

When we lived on the Central Coast, NSW we thought we had it pretty sweet. Fresh air, walks by the lake with the dogs and that Sydney traffic way behind us. You know, that safe, happy feeling.

Well that didn’t last long. 

Our budget totally blew out with our electricity costs tripling since we had moved. As it slowly escalated to eating away at our grocery budget and other household bills similar to a storm cell off the Coast into a fully blown typhoon…we decided to actually do something about it. 

And yet, it still amazes me why we didn’t do it sooner. Honestly, it took another two quarters to actually read our electricity bill.

The problem: An older oven which we tested out by using our Airfryer instead and that alone reduced our quarterly bill by $300.  Yes, $300.  And here I was thinking twice about using the AC which was chewing up a lot of power as it was underfloor and now we just have a split system and fans …way better.

We also looked online then called different providers but sales agents kept annoying us (and some were pretty aggressive I can tell you) and found the best deal was one where we got a lower discount on our usage and the same discount off our daily supply charge.


We went from $750 per quarter and are now at $267. We have since moved to Brisbane and it hasn’t changed. We’re just way hotter lol.

We then decided to create a website so everyone could get a better bargain, search anonymously so they don’t get those horrible sales calls like we did and take all the discounts and incentives into account so you don’t have to figure that out too.

We hope it helps and it is certainly our pleasure to do so.

 We could all use a bit more of our own money for something we deserve, don’t you think?

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